“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.”

After my father passed away in 2017, I would often come sit in his house as it emptied out. I felt surrounded by his presence when I was there. I would just sit with such a heavy heart as tears would pour down my face. Seeing his home look less and less like the space we created so many memories in was soul crushing.

The assumption was his house would turn into a rental unit. This space that I would come to cry in, also had an energy that was undeniable. Behind the tears,I would sometimes look around from a different view. I would say out loud, “What should I do Dad?” Not even knowing what that meant or why I was saying that.

I also started thinking more about how if I leased his home to someone, I would never be able to go inside when someone moved in. If I did have to go in, I would have to see it as someone else’s home.

“There is no innovation and creativity without failure. Period.”

In 2019, I opened my first business, Barre(tend). I had some incredible women entrepreneurs in my studio space and I started bringing them into my late father’s home, sharing some of these ideas. We would sit on the floor and just dream openly and freely about how beautiful it would feel to have this space full of women, to hear soft music playing, women talking, laughing, candles lit, products everywhere, the coming and going of people – to have life back in the space.

A week before the pandemic hit, I had the pleasure of hosting a bachelorette party in The Hiraeth House. We had multiple women vendors set up and an amazing group of family and friends celebrating a really special bride. The entire evening I looked around and knew this was exactly what this space needed to be. The energy was so vibrant. What I needed to do was so clear after that evening (I will forever be so grateful for that evening, that group and that experience).

When the pandemic hit, everything paused. I had to rethink everything, from a different view. From the view of fear. From the view of what a shut down feels like and how terrifying that is.

“The middle is messy, but it’s also where the magic happens”

When the world was ready to open again, I was ready to fill the house. My pandemic plan for the house did not get one single response. Maybe it was too soon, maybe it was a bad idea. It wasn’t the right time. Eventually, I sat back to see what would happen organically. I put it out in the universe that I was looking for women business owners who want to work in a shared workspace. Running our own businesses but sharing common goals. Community. Growth. Togetherness. Respect. Support.

“The middle is messy, but it’s also where the magic happens”

“I’m gonna live in the arena. I’m gonna be brave with my life. I am gonna show up. I’m gonna take chances.”

And now we have, 9 tenants in the house. 5 tenants on the other side of the Hiraeth House wall. 2 artists lining the walls. Monthly guests joining us. Relationships with countless businesses in the community.

“We don’t have to do it all alone, we were never meant to”

The women I have met in every stage of this process have changed my life.

I absolutely love meeting women business owners at any stage of their journey and hearing about their stories. I LOVE when there is an instant connection where a meeting about one thing turns into taking out notebooks, calendars, and making all sorts of plans and an idea sesh that leaves our head spinning.

Once a month I have women supporting women (not just a hashtag) group that meets and I leave that meeting with so much energy and such a buzz. I really am constantly surrounded by inspirational women…. in The Hiraeth House, my staff at Barre(tend), the students who come into my studio, and the women’s group are the constant motivation and validation that I am exactly where I am supposed to be and to continue going because this is just the beginning.

“We don’t have to do it all alone, we were never meant to”

Quotes by Brene brown.

Our Vendors

Barre tend

Hello! My name is Megan and I own Barre(tend). We offer yoga and barre classes for all levels. Barre is a combination of small movements using light weights that is easy on your joints (you do not need dance or ballet experience). Barre is a great option for everyBODY!

Check out our one week unlimited class promo for only $15 on our website: barretendbuffalo.com

Nickel City Skin Spa at Barre(tend) is a holistic esthetics studio promoting the skin and body’s innate vital energy. Offering customized skin and body care treatments, professional waxing services and comprehensive, organic products that focus on the health of the mind, spirit and body.


Cup of Communitea strives to educate our customers and help them discover the world of tea that we are so passionate about.   We are a place together, learn together, and steep together.  Our main retail shop in Williamsville offers loose leaf tea, honey, and accessories.  At Hiraeth House our Tasting Room offers a tea bar of hot and cold drinks made from our fresh looseleaf teas for public and private events. To check out our menu, explore our loose leaf tea, or to book your own private tea experience head to our website cupofcommunitea.com

The Knotted Fox

Kaleyedascopize Arts is a Gallery & Boutique curated & created by artist Alisha Lezama. The second floor gallery space is installed with her most current original artworks, and also serves as a space for meditations, chakra workshops, meditations, & creative classes.

Tarot & Reiki services are available to book as experiences for individual or larger parties at the Hiraeth House.

Visit kaleyedascopize.com or view daily art posts @kaleyedascopize on instagram.

The Knotted Fox

Hi! I’m Nicolette Tse and I am the owner of The Knotted Fox. The Knotted Fox is a small business that is continually working to create a space with depth, texture and character with the use of handwoven vintage rugs. We are a business committed to curating the perfect rugs to fill your home and lifestyle while placing an emphasis on craftsmanship and durability. I would be happy to help find unique pieces for you! Stop by in person or online at theknottedfox.com

Feel free to message with any questions.We hope to see you soon!

The Knotted Fox

Hi, I’m Erica, owner of Mae + Mango!

Mae + Mango is a small business that specializes in upcycled furniture and home decor. I take old, outdated furniture and give it new life so it fits with your style! Using mineral paint and one of a kind designs, we can create and add a fresh look to any space. Interior staging and styling available upon request. For examples of my work or more information check out my instagram page @maeandmango I’d love to chat with you!

The Knotted Fox

Hello! I’m Lauren Miceli, clinical psychologist and founder of Buffalo Integrative Psychology, PLLC. I offer in-person and telehealth individual therapy. I practice from a holistic and client-centered framework. Rather than focusing solely on symptoms, I strive to see, understand, and integrate all aspects of you into our work together to help you move toward healthy functioning. I work with a variety of issues and areas, including depression, anxiety, stress management, life transitions, identity exploration, grief, women’s issues, and trauma. You can learn more about my practice at www.bufpsychology.com

The Knotted Fox

Hi there, I’m Julia Cerny, traveling nurse turned holistic health coach and founder of Your Health Root. I offer 1:1 Reiki and Integrative nutrition health coaching in my sanctuary space. My sessions are designed to help you release the stress of being a human while helping you connecting inward to the root of who you are. Leave this space feeling present and grounded as if you took a vacation in your mind as you release in the hammock with Reiki. To see my mindfulness tips, recipes or book a session visit yourhealthroot.com

The Knotted Fox

Hi there! I’m Rhiannon. I’m an Artist, Doula, and Reiki Master. I combine my passion for reproductive health and inclusivity into creating meaningful art and providing service to those in need. I create art based on what I feel, but mostly like to focus on the beauty of colors, textures, bodies, and nature. Additionally, I teach classes for those who wish to learn more about art, reproductive health, and Reiki. To check out some examples of my work or reach out, please visit my website at rhiannonneedham.com

The Knotted Fox

Hi! I’m Casi (KC) of Casi Hall Creative! I am a graphic designer, photographer, fine artist, and vintage seller. My art graces the stairwell of the Hiraeth House! I love to paint landscapes from photos of my travels in acrylic, and sometimes oil. I also like to create digital illustrations of thrifted treasures.

If you are a small business looking for a professional update to your brand, I focus on logo design and branding photography! I would love to help you grow on your journey and love your brand even more. I also specialize in family and couple portraits. You can see more of my work or book a consultation at www.casihallcreative.com

The Knotted Fox

Hi, I’m Michele Lynn, owner of Four Corners Buffalo! I create art in several different forms, including, but not limited to resin art, jewelry, candles, and giving new life to thrifted items.

I am also a Certified Reiki Practitioner, Crystal Sound Bowl Healer, and Tarot Card Reader.

Want a relaxing experience with your friends, or maybe a bachelorette party full of art, Tarot, and laughs? Themed kids parties with a fun art project? The sky’s the limit!

Contact me at [email protected] and we will create an experience you’ll love!

The Knotted Fox

Erika is an experienced Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner providing health & body advocacy services in Buffalo, NY and virtually. She simplifies complex nutrition, body, and health concepts in a meaningful way. Taking an unconventional “whole person” approach, Erika combines knowledge and lived experience from multiple disciplines and modalities to help her clients reach balance, reduce or manage symptoms & disease, and create their own version of vibrant health. Erika hopes her work will inspire others to become an empowered advocate and informed collaborator on their own health journeys.

Whimsy by Kelly

I’m Kelly Barone, CZT, art educator, and artist who loves to play with new ideas. I have taught and exhibited both domestically and internationally.

My new space at Hiraeth House will include Zentangle classes, watercolor paint nights, decorative lettering workshops, team building events, and a stamp library as well a space to create and sell the works I’ll have for sale.

Whether you are looking to learn a new skill, have a fun evening with friends or family, or purchase a gift for yourself or others, Whimsy by Kelly is truly art for everyone.

You can register for classes, see my work or learn more about what I do by visiting my website or making an appointment at www.whimsybykelly.com

The Knotted Fox

My name is Jenny Leckey and I’m the founder of Meditate with Jenny. I operate a Meditation Center and Spiritual Gathering Space within The Hiraeth House.

In-person and virtual offerings:
  • 1:1 personalized Reiki healing, spirit-led coaching, and meditation sessions
  • Group events, workshops, and meditation gatherings
  • Professional development for school districts and businesses
What we focus on:
  • Stress and anxiety management through a personalized daily ritual
  • The power of meditation and energy work to heal and balance our inner world
  • Building a safe gathering community to explore our connection to the Divine
  • Harnessing our connection to our highest selves to take big leaps of faith in life

Check out our website for booking 1:1 sessions and registration for this month’s scheduled events- meditatewithjenny.com

Feel free to email with any inquires: [email protected]


We look forward to seeing you at your upcoming visit to Hiraeth House. In order to ensure you are well informed, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions below. 

What is the Hiraeth House?

With local vendors and a unique charm, The Hiraeth House is a one-stop-shop for an afternoon escape, a girl’s night out, or a bridal shower.

Where to park?

There is metered parking on Delaware Ave, and unmetered parking behind the building on Virginia Place.

What are the hours?

Each business has their own hours. Some are by appointment only and others have set hours.  We also have set days per month where all the business are open at the same time, refer to the events tab on the website.

Who can I talk to about selling my merchandise on consignment in the house?

The Hiraeth House consists mostly of tenants who have a lease. Please refer to the become a vendor tab to see when we have our next opening for a tenant. 

How do you pronounce Hiraeth?



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